One night during the summer of 2011, PG Sports was created by Sacred Heart University student Paul Guarino. PG Sports is a twitter page that updates people with the latest sports news. Paul has an incredibly strong passion for sports and envisions PG Sports to evolve into the next major sports brand.

Along with updating the world with sports news, PG Sports also specializes in athletic apparel. When the company’s logo was redesigned by Corey Jeppesen in March 2012, it sparked the release of Paul’s first T-Shirt. With the establishment of the brand’s slogan, “Everywhere & Anywhere”, and through the power of social media, Paul continued to create and sell products such as hats, hoodies, and polo shirts. Even in the company’s early stages, Paul managed to attract professional athletes to wear the brand such as Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips, Washington Redskins linebacker Rob Jackson and Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez.

Paul (PG) graduated from the Jack Welch College of Business, Sacred Heart University, where he received a bachelor of science degree in Sport Management and Marketing. He returned to Sacred Heart University and earned a master of arts degree in Sports Communication and Media and continues to make the strides he needs to make PG Sports the next big thing!