You Dress Well, You Play Well: How PG Sports is elevating sports with fashion

NFL Pro Bowler Deion Sanders once said, "If you dress good, you'll play good." PG Sports, an emerging sports apparel from Connecticut has been using this motto to it's fullest advantage. Paul Guarino, a Sacred Heart University graduate had the vision of making sports inspired apparel and so far the clothing line has reached heights that most wouldn't have imagined to be. The clothing line has been showcased on various occasions with athletes like Brook Lopez (New Jersey Nets), Rob Jackson (Washington Redskins), Mike Olt (Chicago Cubs), and more. The brand has earned much respect and garnered much attention, so it was only if MLM got an exclusive piece with PG Sports.

So we had a chance to speak to Paul Guarino about his humble beginnings, what it was like for athletes to sport his brand, what he aims to do this year, and more.

How’s your modern life? My modern life has to be updated on everything from technology to politics. How would describe the brand in three words? Fresh, Creative, & American. What was the initial insight for PG Sports? Initially I just started PG Sports in 2011 as a twitter page to update everyone on sports daily, but it quickly grew into a brand. I made t-shirts to promote the twitter and everyone liked them so I decided to get my logo redesigned and I started making more apparel. How has your experiences at Sacred Heart inspired you to start the brand? Going into my sophomore year at Sacred Heart PG Sports was officially launched. It was awesome to see a lot of people wearing my gear. My roommates were a huge help on spreading the word because they were on the football team (which there is 90+ kids on the team). What moment in particular energized your love sports and let you know that you wanted to be involved with it for the rest of life? Ever since I could remember I loved sports. I grew up watching sports and playing baseball. I enjoy competition, my friends and I would always be playing something while we were kid from wiffleball to basketball inside the house haha. What made me want to be involved in sports the rest of my life was two things in high school I knew I want to do something in sports and business and my guidance counselor told me about Sport Management. I researched it and decided thats what I wanted to do. The second thing was I wanted to a sports agent because I always saw Scott Boras and Drew Rosenhaus on TV and I always thought that would be an awesome job. What are some most memorable moments you had when it came to people either supporting or wearing PG Sports? Most memorable moments were first time I saw a stranger wearing PG Sports, Chuck Knoblauch tweeting a picture wearing it (he was my very first pro athlete to wear it and he was my favorite player growing up), and Brandon Phillips tweeting out a picture wearing it (probably the biggest athlete I got). Who are trying to get to represent PG Sports in 2016? I want to get Marshawn Lynch, Matt Harvey, Ronda Rousey & Vince Carter to wear PG Sports! Why does sports play pivotal role in your life? I love sports, that's all I've known. What has sports taught you about how life should be? Sports taught me that a simple game can bring people of all different races, cultures, and religions together. That's how life should be! What are three things you want to accomplish in 2015? Sell all of our summer gear Make some promo videos Get an investor Visit and Shop with PG Sports here.