#TBT: How I Met Rob Jackson

Back in 2012 was when I really started getting serious with PG Sports. I wanted to grow the brand and get more professional athletes wearing PG Sports. So I reached out to West Haven High School Alum Rob Jackson of the Washington Redskins. At the time I only had two professional athlete wearing PG Sports, Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds and retired 2nd baseman Chuck Knoblauch. I message Rob via facebook and told him I was from West Haven & what I was trying to start with PG Sports. He replied saying "I would love to support the hometown." We become friends and he helped grow PG Sports by spreading the word through the DMV. A few pictures of him wearing PG Sports and it took off in West Haven! While in the off-season everyone was always texting saying "yo I just saw Rob Jackson wearing PG Sports", but I never ran into him while in West Haven. Again using social media I tweeted him and we went out the next night. He invited me to a Redskins preseason game last year and I got to me some of the players like Trent Williams, Jarvis Jenkins, and Pierre Garcon. Rob was yelling "yo Jarvis yo Trent this PG this PG." They said they loved the beanies and everyone was wearing them during practice. Man I wish I had a GoPro then it was an awesome experience, I'll never forget. Rob and I Rob & I (2013) Redskins gameAfter the Redskins preseason game with Rob Jackson & Jarvis Jenkins (2014)