#TBT: How I Met Brandon Phillips

The summer of 2012 I got in contact with Reds 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips and he said he'd love to support PG Sports. I sent him the gear and he didn't follow me so I couldn't direct message him to ask to tweet a picture. Then in September 2012 Brandon Phillips (@DatDudeBP) tweeted a picture to Topps Cards that he just signed cards and he was wearing a PG Sports hat. A couple weeks later a fan tweeted a picture and he saw Brandon at the mall and he wearing it again. Then in May 2013 I just got done with my junior year of college and I was to one of my friends and he said he was going the Mets game vs the Reds. Two days before one of the games I got two front row seats ... . My friend Mike and I went early to see batting practice and hoping to meet Brandon Phillips. I didn't know the tickets were going to be right in the front ... but they were. So were watching them practice and ... I see Brandon on the field. Then I lost where he went and I turn around and he's standing next to seats near me. I waited until he was done talking to his friend. I turn to my friend and say, 'Whould I say Brandon or Mr Phillips.' He said Mr Phillips. So I say, 'Hey Mr Phillips,' and he turns around and I hand him a ball to sign. Then he does a double-take and said, 'I have a hat just like that,' and I said, 'I know I sent it to you.' And , 'Ohh, what's up man. I'm Brandon, nice to meet ... I appreciate the gear.' Then I took a picture with him and he tweeted it out.