Wow its crazy that PG Sports is 5 years old today, #PGSport5! I'd like to thank everyone that supports the company. What started out as just a twitter page that I created because I was bored one night turned into something huge and wasn't expecting this at all.
From having a shitty font logo I created on paint to the amazing designs by Seejepp & Jay to getting my childhood hero Chuck Knoblauch to wear one of my tees (with the shitty font logo make in paint), as the first professional athlete to wear PG Sports.
To hometown connects like Rob Jackson, Donald Thomas, Sio Moore, and Rob getting all the Redskins players to wear my gear, to Brandon Phillips, Didi Gregorius, Trent Williams, Vontaze Burfict rockin PG Sports in randomly everywhere, to going to all these games/events and making my network bigger & bigger. Breaking news stories before the top networks, getting tweets/follows from big time athletes, getting love from all the Connecticut pro athletes.
Rob and I
Now working with New Haven boxers Chad Dawson & Jimmy Williams and MLS player R.J. Allen.
Getting to give back by donating to Breast Cancer Awareness, Military foundation and sponsoring local teams & walks (such as Eric LeGrand's Walk).
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I love seeing people wearing and enjoying PG Sports products. Its also great when a stranger see someone wearing it and says I know Paul. When I was college and everyone was reppin PG Sports around campus that was awesome!
I have so many thoughts I can't even write them all down. Its been an amazing journey and I will continue to grow PG Sports EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE!
Oh ya NEW GEAR is COMING VERY SOON!! store.pg-sports.com