PG Talk: Vijay Miller

Starred in Last Chance U Season 2 / San Diego Padres prospect

Profile: Vijay Miller | Age: 19 | From: Fulton, MS | College: East Mississippi Community College

Instagram: @_distributor3 | Twitter: @vijaymiller_

For those who are unfamiliar with yourself, can you tell us a little about yourself? I'm a very competitive person but I will also say I'm a chill person. When did you start playing baseball and football? Did you play any other sports growing up? I played basketball, football, baseball, and also ran track. Started playing baseball at a very young age like 6 or 7 years old but didn't play my freshmen or sophomore year of high school. Started playing football in 7th grade. What offers did you have coming out of high school? How did you end up at East Mississippi Community College? I didn't have any D-1 offers coming out of high school, only JUCO offers, and I felt like East Mississippi was the best option for me. What was it like at EMCC with all the cameras around filming for Last Chance U season 2? It was pretty weird at first but you get used to it as the days go along. As a true freshman getting the nod to start the first game for EMCC at QB, were you nervous? I wasn't nervous I just knew if I played my game then everything should be okay. What’s the culture at EMCC like? It's a very quiet place, really just a place for school and ball. Have you watched the new season of Last Chance U, if so what did you think of it? Was it authentic? I did and I think the directors did a good job on it. Very authentic with everything that goes on during the season. What kind of feedback have you been getting from Last Chance U? I've been getting good feedback about how I'm a great quarterback and that I should continue my football career and I'm an inspiration to people. What are your thoughts on your former coach Buddy Stephens? I like him as a person and a coach I mean sometimes you gotta be hard to get what you want and he's the most winning-est coach in JUCO. Now you were a two-sport athlete at EMCC playing football and baseball, you got drafted by the San Diego Padres in June, what was that day like? It was a surreal day! Hearing my name called from a professional team was an amazing feeling and what I've been working so hard for. How has rookie ball been so far? It's been great so far just trying to get in the full-time baseball rhythm has been the only hard part for me so far. Is your football career over or do you plan to play again? (Russell Wilson played minor league baseball then went back to college to play QB at Wisconsin.) I do plan on going back to football in the near future if baseball seems to take a different route for me.