PG Talk: Renee Montgomery

WNBA All-Star of the Connecticut Sun

Profile: Renee Montgomery | Age: 27 | Home State: West Virginia Twitter: @Da20one | Facebook: Renee Montgomery | Website: College: University of Connecticut | WNBA team: Connecticut Sun | Overseas team: Vologda Chevakata Achievements: WNBA All-Star | WNBA 6th Woman of the Year | WNBA All-Rookie Team | NCAA National Champion | NCAA All-American | McDonald's All-American | West Virginia Player of the Year | Spokeswoman for the Pajama Program

PG: When did you first start playing basketball?
RM: I first started playing basketball around 10 years old. My older sisters were playing and me being the youngest, I wanted to do everything like them.
Did you play any other sports growing up?
I ran track when I was younger and picked up soccer in high school. I had a small stint with cheerleading but that wasn't really a good fit for me.
Who was your favorite athlete or athletes growing up?
Didn't really have one. But Tonya Cardoza became my favorite and also was my coach at UConn.
How and why did you pick UConn if your from West Virginia?
Choosing UConn was a tough decision believe it or not. A lot of coaches were talking about the impact I could have on their program and Coach A had a whole different approach. He told me they just signed a point guard the year before, that there were no guarantees and I would have to earn everything. I liked that, so I chose Uconn
How was your college experience at UConn?
My college experience at Uconn was both challenging and fulfilling. I went into college not really knowing what to expect. Being from WV things were more on a small town level and when I got to Uconn everything was on the big stage. I learned and grew a lot and finally my senior year I was able to go undefeated and win a championship. I wouldn't have it any other way.
When did you know were going to be a professional basketball player?
I never knew I was going to be a professional basketball player until I was actually drafted and heard my name called. Sport professions are never guaranteed because you can get hurt at any time. I've always wanted to play professionally and I was also happy to be able to achieve that goal because of all the sacrifices my parents and sisters made for me.
What was your experience getting drafted to the WNBA?
My experience getting drafted was a whirl wind. The draft occurred 48 hours after I won the national championship so needless to say I was exhausted. No matter how tired I was the experience was something I will always cherish. To have my parents and college coach there to watch me take the next step in my career was unforgettable.
What are your goals that you want to reach in the WNBA?
If you ask any athlete, the individual goals are great but we all want the same thing, a championship. I have won a championship at every level in my career and want to top it off with a WNBA one.
What is it like to play overseas in the WNBA offseason? Did you have to learn a new language?
It's an experience like no other to be submerged in a culture that's not your own. I did not learn the language but I try to pick up on as much as I can in the 6 months that I live there. Usually there are teammates and a coach that speak English so it's not very hard to communicate. It's tough being away from family and friends for such a long amount of time but it's also a unique experience to be able to see life outside of America.
What do you want to do after your professional basketball career?
After my basketball career is over I would like to do some type of sportscasting. Sounds crazy but since I was little I've always wanted to act so maybe I would try that out as well.
Whats your favorite thing about PG Sports?
I love how PG Sports is everywhere and anywhere because athletes will workout and perform everywhere and anywhere so I can relate.