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Founder/Owner/Designer of Racanati Boxing Profile: Kristen Racanati | Age: 28 | From: Rutherford, NJ College: Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) Instagram: @RacanatiBoxing | Twitter: @RacanatiBoxing | Facebook: Racanati Boxing "Racanati Boxing is a custom clothing company specializing in boxing ring attire. We are a one stop shop all made in the amazing USA. And I know I have a crazy Italian name so for those wondering it’s pronounced ra-ca-na-ti." - Kristen Racanati How did you create Racanati Boxing and why? Being a fashion designer, someone approached me to make a pair of boxing trunks for their company. After making one pair they offered me a freelance position. After working with that company I decided to branch out under my own label and that’s how Racanati Boxing was created. As far as why I got into this business I feel what you wear is extremely important in day to day life and it goes the same for boxing. When you feel you look good your confidence increases. I say “look good feel good” or, in this case, “look good, fight good”. Obviously, I don’t mean if you have a hot outfit you will win a match, but it certainly provides a confidence boost to the fighter. Considering all this, I wanted to create a company that gives the customer total control over their ring attire. I also love how a boxer’s personality can really stand out with what they wear. Errol-Spence-racanati-boxing Premier Boxing Champions, Dallas, The Bomb Factory Did you grow up a boxing fan? No I didn’t start watching the sport until I started designing for it. Now I find myself watching fights even when they aren’t wearing my gear. Racanati Boxing has only been around since 2014 how did you get so big so fast? I must say social media has played a big part to getting my name out there. However, I believe the best advertising is word of mouth. When a customer is happy with a product or service they willingly spread the word and basically advertise for you! I appreciate all my customers and what they have done for the brand. Who was the first boxer that wore your custom ringwear and how did you get them? I honestly don’t remember exactly who was the first to purchase from Racanati Boxing. However, Jermell Charlo has been with me since day one. When I first made his outfit, I didn’t even have a logo. What was in like when you saw your gear on a major network like HBO, Showtime, ESPN, ect? Seeing my work on any network, whether it’s a local channel or ESPN, always amazes me. When you create something from your basement and it ends up on a national television channel it makes me extremely proud. Every time my work is broadcasted my family gathers around the tv and watches. Who are some big name boxers wearing your custom ringwear? Some of my most notable clientele have been: Adrien Broner, Jermell & Jermall Charlo, Errol Spence, Jamel Herring, Malik Scott, Robert Easter Jr, Prichard Colon. The list goes on. However, I’d like to give a shoutout to all my clients, professionals as well as amateurs! I’m truly honored when someone chooses my company to make their ring attire. Robert-Easter-Jr Jermell-Charlo What was your favorite and/or craziness project so far? Oh wow. Well I have to say Adrien Broner’s because I have to put crystal rhinestones on all of his embroidery. These crystals have to be placed on one by one and it takes hours to do one letter. Another client that always had unique outfits was Prichard Colon. He would always come up with the most unique designs and challenged my creativity and skillset. broner_3 prichard-Colon broner_theophane_3
Is there any fighters that you really want to make a custom piece for? That’s a great question. I would love to work with Shakur Stevenson. I think he’s a great fighter and we are both from NJ so I would love to team up with him for a fight. Another fighter I would love to work with is Heather Hardy. Have you outfitted any women boxers? Yes, I have done quite a few women’s attire. Most notable is Maureen Shea and she is always a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with more women in the business! What is it like being a woman in this vicious sport of boxing? I felt like a fish out of water starting out. It was intimidating to approach men online and in person asking them to call me if they ever needed ring attire. They were probably like, “and who are you?”. However, this industry has been great to me and I have met and worked with some amazing athletes and their teams. Would you ever look into doing MMA fight shorts/gear? I want to expand into MMA and it’s something I’m considering. What are your future goals? I have so many ideas for my brand and working towards achieving them. All I can say is just wait and see! Quick Jabs Favorite sport, besides boxing? Football- Go GIANTS! Favorite food? Cupcakes ☺ Favorite TV Show Game of Thrones Favorite movie? Drama- Forest Gump, Comedy- The Hangover



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