PG Talk: Jimmy Williams

Professional Boxer Welterweight 12-0-1
Profile: Jimmy Williams | Age: 29 | Plainfield, NJ
College: Southern Connecticut State University
1. When did you first start boxing?
I first starting boxing at the age of 9.
2. Did you play any other sports growing up?
Karate, football, track and field
3. Who was your favorite athlete(s) and favorite sports teams growing up?
Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Michael Jordan. My favorite sports teams are the New York Knicks and the Philadelphia Eagles.
4. How and why did you pick to go to Southern Connecticut State University?
I chose to go to SCSU because I was a top recruit for the football team and it was close to my home (New Jersey).
5. After playing football at SCSU how did you get back into boxing?
My late-mother always wanted me to get back into boxing so I listen to what my mother told me and I call my uncle up and told him I'm coming back to the ring.
6. When did you know were going to be a professional boxer?
Once I put the gloves back on I knew I want to turn pro soon and learn as a I go.
7. Boxing is a dangerous sport, what motivates you to fight?
What motivates me to fight each and everyday is my mother's death and all my childhood memories.
8. What kind of training do you before a fight and where?
I train at Ring One Boxing Gym in New Haven and I do crossfit training in Branford at Shoreline Athletics.
9. Which fight(s) was your most memorable one?
My very 1st pro fight, it was live on NBC Sports and I got a 4th round KO win!
10. What separates you from every other fighter in your division?
I just want to be at the best at what I do and what I been though in life makes a living testimony.
11. What are your goals that you want to reach as a professional boxer?
I want to become a World Champion and touch the world by getting my life story out to the world.
12. Any advice for younger guys looking to get into boxing?
You cant play boxing you have to live it.
13. If you could have set a dream fight with anyone, who would it be?
I just want to fight for a world title one day it dont matter who it is.
14. Is boxing your full time job?
No, I work at West Haven High School in West Haven, Connecticut as a truancy officer.
15. What do you like to do in your free time/offseason?
There's no offseason in boxing, but I love spending time with my future wifey Christina Everson, we are getting married this November!
16. Whats your favorite place to eat in Connecticut?
My favorite place to eat in CT is Goodfellas in New Haven.
17. Whats your favorite thing about PG Sports?
The hard work that CEO Paul does to help promote athletes around the world.