PG Talk: Eric Young Jr.

MLB Outfielder for the Atlanta Braves Profile: Eric Young Jr. | Age: 29 | Hometown: New Brunswick, NJ Twitter: @EYjr | Instagram: @itsEYjr College: Chandler-Gilbert Community College | MLB: Atlanta Braves Achievements: MLB Debut 8/25/09 | Drafted in the 30th round of the 2003 MLB Draft | 2013 National League Stolen Base Champion | 2nd-Generation MLB player PG: When did you first start playing baseball? EY: I started playing baseball at age 7 for a league. I was swinging a bat for as long as I can remember. Did you play any other sports growing up? I played basketball and football growing up. Who was your favorite athlete(s) and favorite sports teams growing up? My father was my favorite athlete. Whatever team he was on, was the team I cheered for. How and why did you end up at Chandler-Gilbert Community College? I needed to go somewhere to work on my game all year long. AZ provided summer, fall, and spring ball. What was your experience getting drafted to the MLB? It was a blessing. The first step to my dream was taking place. What was your reaction when you got called up to the Colorado Rockies? Dream come true. The day was finally here and it was reality. What was in like playing in your first MLB game on August 25, 2009? Nervousness, excitement, and fantasy all mixed in one. Unforgettable day. What was in like to play for the same team your father did? (Rockies) It was awesome. As a little kid, you cheer for them, imagine your name on the locker, and it came true. How was your time in the Big Apple with the New York Mets? Great experience. Learned a lot on and off the field. I got to play near my home state of NJ. Were you upset the New York Mets didn’t re-sign you? No. Everything happens for a reason. Stay positive and optimistic in every situation. Keep moving forward and progressing. Recently you signed with the Atlanta Braves what are your expectations for the season? I want to continue progressing as a person and player, and ultimately help this team win ball games. Have far do you think the Braves can go this season? You step on the field to compete and win. If you have any other expectation for the team besides winning, you're playing for the wrong reasons. Which MLB pitcher do you love to hit against? That just depends how I'm feeling at the plate. You were the stolen base champion in 2013, do you think you can do it again? I definitely believe in myself and my god-given abilities. Do you think you are the fastest man in the MLB? I feel I am, but being fast is not the same as being smart on the bases. Any favorite teammates or a player you want to play with? I'm excited every year to play with various talented players across the country. What do you like to do in your free time/offseason? Try to spend and invest time in my family, since I'm away during the season. What’s your favorite thing about PG Sports? I enjoy the products and the logo.