PG Talk: Cassius Chaney

Heavyweight Boxer, 9-0 Profile: Cassius Chaney | Age: 29 | From: New London, CT | College: University of New Haven Instagram: @Cassius.Chaney | Twitter: @TheMenaceCC For those who are unfamiliar with yourself, can you tell us a little about yourself? I'm a hardworking guy individual and a person that has been brought in different places striving to be great in boxing. When did you first start boxing and did you play any other sports growing up? I started boxing at the age 23 and I played basketball growing up. How do you go from college basketball player to professional boxer? I always felt I was built for fighting growing up in Baltimore, I had to fight often to just get home from school, sometimes in front of half the school. So fighting is in my blood, but I'm learning to be a professional. What’s the biggest difference between playing basketball and boxing? The biggest difference would be it is an individual sport it's about you and your opponent. There is only one winner or loser unless there is a draw you don't get to feel failure with 4 other teammates and coaches. When did you know you were going to be a professional boxer? I knew I would be a professional boxer, when I first walked into Whaling City Boxing gym downtown New London, CT. Boxing is a dangerous sport, what motivates you to fight? Being champion and competition. I love competition and I love overcoming the obstacles that may stand in my way. What kind of training do you before a fight and where? I train in Florida at Bigtime Boxing Gym with John David Jackson and Matty Cedrone who does my Strength and Conditioning and it has very tough but I need it and Love it.
Photo by David Spagnolo
What can we expect out of Cassius Chaney on April 15th at Mohegan Sun? A better boxer just using my jab and keeping my range, if the knockout presents it's self, I will take it. Which fight(s) was your most memorable one? My 5th fight in England was Memorable, 6th fight in Canada and my 3rd fight in Las Vegas was great. What separates you from every other fighter in your division? My variety and athletic ability. I also feel that my body is built to absorb punches well because of genetics and upbringing. I also pack a rocket right hand. How do you feel to be signed with a premier boxing promotion team like Main Events? I love being signed to Main Events they carry the history of hall fame heavyweights like Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe and others to name a few. I just want to follow in their footsteps, but sometimes it's difficult because I want things to come together so fast but I'm learning there is a process and I will get better with the help of the Main Events team. What are your goals that you want to reach as a professional boxer? Undisputed Heavyweight Champion and to fight the best. I will never quit in any bout, I will always go out on my shield. Quick Jabs Favorite sports? Boxing, Basketball, and Football Favorite sports team(s)? Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Baltimore Ravens Favorite food? Baked Mac n Cheese Favorite movie? Facing Ali, almost all horror movies and He got Game.

Check out Cassius Chaney in action April 15th at Mohegan Sun Casino!

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