PG Sports Launches New Apparel Line
We’ve definitely got a soft spot for people who are seizing the day and trying to make those dreams a reality. We also like cool sporty stuff. That’s why we’re encouraging you guys to check out Paul Guarino’s just-launched apparel line over on Kickstarter. Guarino is a senior at Sacred Heart University, and the sole runner of the PG Sports line. Even so, he’s a hustler and has managed to attract the attention of athletes from high school to the pros. Around 35 famous folks have donned the line, including Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillip, Washington Redskins linebacker Rob Jackson, Rutgers/Tampa Bay Bucs baller Eric LeGrand, and Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez, to name a few. Guarino is seeking $5k for development of the new line and added storage space. A mere $20 will get you your choice of a T-Shirt or Snapback. pg sports sgaa