Local Connecticut: PG Sports

We recently spoke with Paul Guarino, founder and CEO of PG Sports, a motivational apparel company based out of Connecticut about the company as well as what it’s like to be based out of CT. What is PG Sports for those that don't know? PG Sports is a motivational apparel and media brand based out of you guess it Connecticut! PG Sports isn’t just an apparel brand like most might think we produce videos, blogs, graphics, and our newest venture is our Average to Savage podcast. Who are some athletes people may know that wear the PG Sports brand? Some athletes people may know that wear the PG Sports brand is New York Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorious, Atlanta Dream & former UConn guard Renee Montgomery, and world champion boxer Chad Dawson. We have over 200 professional athletes wearing the brand.
What is it like being a sports clothing line based in Connecticut? It’s great because pretty much any athlete we get to wear our gear we can probably go see when they play a New York or New England team! We target professional athletes that are from Connecticut and using that Connecticut connect is very valuable and underrated. What's the future of PG Sports? Where do you see it in 5 years? The future of PG Sports is bright, we will continue to build on what we’ve done to grow bigger and bigger! Hopefully in 5 year we become an extremely recognizable brand globally.
Describe PG Sports in three words. Everywhere and Anywhere Where can people go to buy PG Sports gear? People can purchase PG Sports gear at PG-Sports.com/store and if anyone has any question feel free to contact me at paul@pg-sports.com or message on social media.