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By Paul Guarino Back in 2013 it was only the 2nd full year of PG Sports. I was just looking through twitter and I saw this baseball player Didi Gregorius. I remember I thought his cover photo was awesome it was him with his arms spread out holding two baseball with flames coming out of them. I looked him up on baseball reference and saw he was a high prospect for the Reds before being to traded to the Diamondbacks. I gave him a follow and tweeted him to send him some PG Sports gear. I always like to look for up and coming players. I go through my usual process asking the player if they would like some gear, send it to them if they say yes, and then ask them to send a picture of then wearing it. Didi did just that with a couple of selfies. He wasn't well known in 2013. Like most of the athletes I get to wear PG Sports I usually follow their careers. I recall getting dinner in college at Sacred Heart University and seeing I just missed Didi hitting his first career home run at Yankee Stadium as an Arizona Diamondback. Which is ironic now. Months later I got a tweet from a friend in Arizona and it was Didi wear the PG Sports Blood, Sweat, Success shirt during practice, which was awesome! Didi Gregorius Fast forward to winter 2014 and the New York Yankees trade for Didi in a 3 team trade. I was personally excited about it because my favorite team is the Yankees and thought it was an easy opportunity to meet him in person. One morning in the summer of 2015 I wake with a text from a college friend and it's a picture of Didi wearing a PG Sports Everywhere & Anywhere on Showtime's 60 minute Sports! I was so pumped I needed to get more pictures and didn't have Showtime, so I subscribed to it via iTunes. Then I was thinking I gotta send him more gear to wear. Didi Gregorius Now we're in 2016 the season about to start and the Yankees tweet a video of Didi taking batting practice and he wearing the Everywhere & Anywhere again! Opening day comes and my friend Dario Melendez sports reporter for NY1 tweets me a picture of Didi wearing the PG Sports Blood, Sweat, Success shirt, it was awesome. Last month Didi posted a picture at Disneyland wearing a PG Sports snapback.

Had fun today at disney 1st timer with some good people @ami_marie @baycuskey @emccuskey

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Then a few weeks ago my friend that works at ESPN snapchatted me a picture of a canva of Didi wearing the Blood, Sweat, Success shirt hanging up at ESPN headquarters. Didi Gregorius A few days later it was Sunday night baseball and ESPN showed a whole mini shoot with Didi rockin the Blood, Sweat, Success shirt. It’s amazing that he still wearing shirts that I sent him 3 years ago. Didi Gregorius Didi Gregorius is having a career year with a career high in average, hits, home runs, and rbis. It must be the PG Sports gear, right?!