Chris Herren x PG Sports

Massachusetts native Chris Herran was a superstar in high school. Being named to the McDonald's All-American Team his senior season he was a top recruit. He turned down top programs such as University of Kentucky and Duke University to play at near home at Boston College. He was doing well his freshman year at Boston College and then he got injured. He life would never be the same, he started doing drugs. He failed several drug tests and was kicked out of school. A year later he transfer to Fresno State University. He did great for a year and then relapsed and enter rehab. After his senior year he enter the basketball drafted and was drafted in the 2nd round by the Denver Nuggets. He played for the Nuggets for one season and was trade to his hometown Boston Celtics. He drug use would continue and he never lived up to his NBA potential. Since 2008 Chris Herran has been drug free. He has been touring the country and telling his story for the past couple year. "In 2011, ESPN aired a documentary, Unguarded, directed by Jonathan Hock, based upon Herren's basketball career and drug related issues. "On March 20, 2012 it was announced that Unguarded had been nominated for two Emmys: Outstanding Sports Documentary and Outstanding Editing." I had the pleasure of meeting him at Sacred Heart University this year. He's a great guy and he trying to help anyone with drug problems. photo (2)