It’s #PGSportsDay, today PG Sports turns 8! I still would have never believed what was once just a Twitter page would be what is it today. Almost everything I do, PG Sports is involved in it in some way. Looking back at everything it's amazing, I have so many awesome stories and made so many new connections/friends over the last 8 years. I want to thank everyONE that has EVER supported PG Sports in ANYway it’s very much appreciated. You guys made it possible for PG Sports to truly be Everywhere & Anywhere! Can’t wait to see how PG Sports grows these next couple years!!
Working in sports is HARD, 3 years ago I coulda went a different route but I bet on myself and I’m still doing that because I’m not where I want to be yet! I’ve seen a lot of people give up on their dream to work in sports over the past years and it sucks to see. Always remember people are watching you all the time even when you don’t know it that’s why you have to consistently put in the WORK. My “dream job” was always to be a sports agent and that’s why I created PG Sports originally in 2011 while in college so I would have a foundation when I graduated. I’m not a sports agent but I believe I’m making a new avenue in the sports marketing world. I’ve built up great relationships with athletes with mutual respect and trust from each one. I work with athletes I grew up watching on TV that's crazy to me! I like doing it all from making apparel to helping people brand themselves. Why do one thing if you can be a jack of all trades? 💯