Celebrating 7 Years of PG Sports

Wow, 7 years since I started PG Sports! It’s been a crazy ride. I want to thank everyone that supports me (past, present, and future). A lot of people don’t really see the work I put in every single day and they think it’s easy but it’s definitely not. I’ve wanted to quit but didn’t. Having PG Sports literally opens new doors and bring new connections into my life. If I didn’t have PG Sports I don’t know what I would be doing. Everything I do is semi-related to PG Sports. I officially have a PG Sports Team of about 20 professional athletes now and started a podcast Average to Savage! I can’t wait to see what happens over the next year and thank you again to all my supporters!!! ??? #PGSportsDay #PGSports7
Logo to the right I was sitting in my living room that summer after my first year of college at Sacred Heart University, I always wanted to invent something to drop out of college like Mark Zuckerberg. I would stay up late at night in my dorm to think about ideas. Nothing really came out of it. So back to me sitting in my living room that night June 24, 2011. I knew Twitter and Facebook were big so I decided to make a PG Sports twitter just to tweet about sports. To the right was one of the first logos I made with a font in PAINTBUCKET. I never thought it would turn into what is it today. There's of course been ups and downs but the journey has been incredible! SUPPORT HERE ---> www.pg-sports.com/store