Athlete Entrepreneurs: Amobi Okugo

I'm Amobi Okugo, I'm a first-generation Nigerian American currently playing for the Portland Timbers in MLS. I was born in Hayward, California but raised in Sacramento, California and I'm the oldest of four siblings. Growing up I played soccer and basketball mainly as my main sports until soccer took over I committed to playing soccer only. I was fortunate enough to be part of the youth national teams growing up which ultimately allowed me to attend the residency program at IMG which was for the top U-17 players in the nation. I went to UCLA for college and was fortunate enough to play for a great team and have a good season. After my freshman year, I went pro. I've been a pro for 8 years now. I continued my education and I'm due to graduate this December with a minor in Business Administration and major in Organizational Leadership.
How, why, and what is 'A Frugal Athlete'
A Frugal Athlete is a website/platform to promote financial literacy and prudent financial practices amongst professional athletes. Our goal is to be a resource for professional athletes to help learn insights needed to improve their own financial playbook. I started A Frugal Athlete because there was a sort of disconnect when it came to finding athletes that were smart with their business practices. I either found athletes that lost it all due to unfortunate circumstances and bad decisions or superstar athletes like Lebron James and Tiger Woods who will never have to worry about having to work post-career. Not all athletes make the same amount and I wanted to create that platform for the athletes that may make a good career but have to be smart with their money to make it last longer than their career. Also, I felt there was a lack of financial literacy amongst professional athletes so if we could help increase financial literacy that would further help professional athletes but also student-athletes and the fans that follow these athletes.
Goals and Future for 'A Frugal Athlete' Long-term my goals for A Frugal Athlete are for it to be the main hub for not only professional athletes but student-athletes and fans of these athletes to learn and find different insights to help their own financial playbooks. I hope to work with different players unions and colleges in different sports to help create ways for these athletes to learn.